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RADON License Ohio RT1439



The EPA recommends that short-term radon testing which last for no longer than a week be conducted under closed-building conditions.

Closed building conditions require:

  1. Keeping all windows closed;
  2. Keeping exterior doors closed (except for normal entry and exit); 
  3. Not operating fans or other machines that bring in air from the outside.  Note, fans that are part of a radon reduction system, or small exhaust fans operating for only short periods of time, may run normally during the test. 

It is important to maintain closed-building conditions for at least 12 hours prior to beginning the test, as well as for the entire testing period. Do not operate fans or other machines that bring in air from the outside. 


Be sure to:

  1. Maintain closed building conditions during the entire testing period of the short-term test;
  2. Operate the home's heating and cooling systems normally during the test, excluding window fans;
  3. Do not disturb the testing device(s) in any time during the test.  The have sensors that cause "motion detection" alerts, which could void the test;
  4. If a radon-reduction system exists for the house, make sure the system is working properly and will be in operation during the entire radon testing period.  If it ceases regular operations during the test for any reason, please notify Ground Truth Home Inspections immediately.